Here, you will find all you need to know about how the Life Skills Experience works!



First Tee — Northern Nevada Life Skills Experience is for students aged 5-17. Throughout the LSE session, basic golf skills are taught alongside the First Tee Nine Core Values and Healthy Habits. We offer Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions. The cost per session ranges from $70-$200. There are scholarships available for participants with financial need.

All participants, age 7 and older and new to First Tee will start at the PLAYer Level.

Participants ages 5-6, will start at the TARGET Level.


What to bring to class:
If your child has their own set of golf clubs, please bring them to every class.  If not, youth golf clubs and all other learning equipment will be provided. We encourage them to bring a water bottle, labeled with their name, as well.

What to wear:
Proper footwear and outerwear is a necessity, no sandals, flip-flops, or open-toed shoes are allowed. Participants will be given a First Tee — Northern Nevada Hat that we would love to see them wear! We also suggest sunscreen to protect their skin. During early spring and fall lessons, the weather is typically cooler and we ask that you send your child(ren) in proper attire for the elements.

What to expect:
Classes begin promptly at their start time, so please leave enough time to check-in & use the restroom. Participants are encouraged to sign themselves in and get their name tag. Parents/Guardians will need to pick up their child(ren) after class from the designated area as we cannot send children to the parking lot.

Each class has an introduction and warm-up, followed by seamless games and activities, and ends with a wrap-up where participants will review the golf skills and core value they learned that class period.


Whether you are new to First Tee — Northern Nevada or not, you should become familiar with the assessment process all participants must complete in order to move from one level to the next. After each session (Spring, Summer, Fall) we evaluate where the participant is with exhibiting the Nine Core Values, their yardage book (PLAYer level and up), and knowledge of golf skills & etiquette to see if they are ready to advance.

Participants who are new to First Tee — Northern Nevada age 5 and 6 begin at the TARGET Level and participants age 7 and up begin at the PLAYer level and progress through the First Tee curriculum by completing requirements at each level.

Starting at the PLAYer 2 level, participants who wish to move to the next level (Par, Birdie, Eagle, Ace, in that order) must attend these assessments and complete all remaining requirements. Participants who are in the TARGET or PLAYer level do not attend assessments.

If players assess at a certain level for their golf skills and meet all other criteria, they will be considered “certified” for their level and eligible to move to the next. The certification process is also cumulative, meaning that participants who have previously participated in an assessment at their current level will not need to repeat the completed requirements in subsequent assessments. However, all certification requirements will reset once participants move to their next level. (For example, if a participant has completed all the PLAYer certification requirements and moves to Par, he/she will then be responsible for completing all the requirements at the Par level.)


Tiny Tees (Target) | 5-6 years old

PLAYer | Required minimum age 7 and older (min. 27 hours to move up to PAR)
PLAYer 2 | Participants who are close to finishing the PLAYer level

PAR | Minimum age of 9 and pass the PLAYer Level*  (min. 36 hours to move up to BIRDIE)

BIRDIE | Minimum age of 11 and pass the PLAYer & PAR Levels* (min. 48 hours to move up to EAGLE)

EAGLE | Minimum age of 13 and pass PLAYer & PAR, & BIRDIE Levels*  (min 60 hours to move up to ACE)

ACE | Minimum age of 14 or entering 9th grade and pass, PLAYER, PAR, BIRDIE & EAGLE Levels

*Levels: Certification includes written evaluation as well as golf skills and application of life skills.